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Lawyers have been easy targets for popular humor since the dawn of lawyering.  In Shakespeare's Henry VI Part 2, written over 400 years ago, Dick the Butcher cheerfully announces "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."  In context the line is really quite funny (as black humor goes); it undoubtedly elicited the same howls from Globe audiences in the 1590's as it does today.

Lawyers are easy targets for popular humor at least partly because they're also easy targets for popular outrage. When lawyers defend people who have committed heinous crimes, they're just doing their job, but the inevitable perception is that they're helping the bad guys.

Lawmatch thinks lawyers deserve a better rep.

Despite its 1+ million lawyers, the United States is still the preferred destination worldwide for people seeking a better life. A primary reason for this is our society's almost universal respect for the rule of law. The key markers of our country's appeal (e.g. economic opportunity, political stability, personal freedom) all derive from the expectation that our laws will protect us and our property from unlawful actions, will be applied equally to all citizens, and will generally promote a fair and just society.

The US was the first nation ever to enshrine a set of man-made laws (the Constitution) as its prime governing authority. More than two-thirds of the delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention were lawyers. Throughout our nation's history lawyers have played a vital role in the evolution, interpretation and administration of the law - those functions that collectively result in the rule of law. One might easily conclude that America could not exist as it does today were it not for the contributions of the legal profession.

Lawmatch has a sense of humor; we can laugh at a good lawyer joke as heartily as the next C Corp . . . but for all the reasons cited above, plus many more (including the obvious but tried-and-true ploy of flattering our prospective customers), we've decided to dedicate this space on our homepage to Praise for Lawyers.  We plan to update this space regularly: if you know of a lawyer-lauding narrative that you'd like to see featured here, please e-mail your suggestion to