Job Seeker Information

Job Seeker Information

Lawmatch is open to all attorneys, law students, paralegals and other legal industry professionals who may be seeking or considering full-time, part-time or contract opportunities. The overwhelming majority of our employment matching activity takes place in the United States, however our system is accessible from anywhere in the world and is occasionally used by non-U.S. employers.

Q: How will Lawmatch help me in my job search?

A: Lawmatch offers Active and Passive job search tools:

In an Active Job Search, you look for jobs that meet your career objectives. This traditional method involves searching and monitoring job listings posted by employers and recruiting firms, and typically involves a substantial and consistent time commitment on the part of the job seeker. Lawmatch job listings consist of current opportunities posted by employers directly at, plus hundreds of additional openings culled nightly from the Web sites of thousands of corporations, law firms, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

In a Passive Job Search, you post in our on-line database an anonymous profile that describes your credentials and experience, and defines what types of opportunities you're looking for. When an employer searching the database identifies your profile as a possible fit for their position, the employer notifies Lawmatch, and we in turn will relay to you (via e-mail) the details of the employer's opportunity. If the position interests you, we release your contact information to the employer and you then pursue the opportunity directly with the employer. If you are not interested, your contact information is not released and your identity remains protected.

The passive method has the advantage of requiring less time from the job seeker: you fill out your profile once, and then wait for appropriate jobs to come to you. In addition, a passive search also gives you exposure to opportunities that might not otherwise be posted on any job board (some employers no longer publish their open positions at all because their ads get picked up and re-posted all over the Web, generating endless streams of resumes and candidate inquiries long after the position has been filled).

Telephone Interview

Q: What if I'm too busy to Search?

A: Lawmatch Concierge will manage your search for you.

If you're currently employed you may be too busy to focus on the mechanics of a job search. If that's the case, Lawmatch offers a Concierge Service that will create a profile for you (based on a telephone interview) and manage your search on your behalf for a period of six months for a fee of $99. To request this option, please e-mail (include your resume in MS Word or PDF format if you have one), and we'll reply with instructions (your total time investment, including the phone call, will typically be less than ten minutes). We also recommend this option if you are currently employed and your job search is confidential: our experienced counselors are experts at editing profiles so that no identifying information is accidentally included.